Windfarm Koningspleij

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Safety, experienced and cheerful.

Erik Verhoek

Site Manager

We have already worked on several projects with BKV over the years. Safety is also their top priority. BKV is an experienced crane company that thinks along with you. Also, the company always knows how to cooperate with the planning. This is of course very important in this industry. A little too much wind and you can throw away the planning.

Eighteen months ago, the Council of State finally took the plunge. They are allowed to built three wind turbines at Koningspleij. The fourth turbine is owned by companies at Industrial Park Kleefse Waard.

The wind turbines will soon be located along the A325, west of the Pleijroute and north of the Rhine at the junction of the Rhine and IJssel. The four windmills of Windpark Koningspleij will be of the Enercon brand, type E-115 EP3. The mills will have a shaft height of 120 meters, a rotor diameter of 115 meters and a tip height of 177.5 meters.

The four wind turbines have a total maximum capacity of approximately 17 MW and are expected to jointly generate 34.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year. That is the same as 11,500 households consume (at 3000 kWh per household). Another comparison: in 2018, 649 million kWh of electricity was consumed in the municipality of Arnhem. With 34.5 million kWh, the four wind turbines cover more than 5 percent of this total electricity consumption.

The commissioning of the three mills is planned for January 2022. The fourth mill is being built by Pure Energie and is expected to be connected to the grid in the course of 2022.